Environmental policy

Onamba group slogan
“leave a beautiful planet as a legacy to future Generations”.

We are implementing environmental management policies through our business activities centered on the production of various wires, Photovoltaic-interconnecting Unit (PVU®), harness products and related components as set out below.

1. Global environmental protection and pollution control.

We will always recognize the environmental impact related to our business activities and products, prescribe an environmental philosophy and set technologically and economically feasible goals within the scope of possibility, and undertake protection of the global environment including pollution control while continuously improving our environmental management system.

2. Observation of environmental laws and regulations.

We will make efforts to continuously improve our environmental management system by establishing voluntary standards and business procedures in order to observe environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements.

3. Adoption of environmental philosophy and goals.

In consideration of the environmental impact of our business activities and products, we will implement the following focal points for our environmental management theme:
(1)We will promote product assessments from the development and design stage in order to provide beneficial new technology and products that contribute to amelioration of environmental issues.
(2)We will promote and assist with environmental activities in order to raise awareness and contribute to the understanding of environmental protection
(3)We will conserve energy in order to prevent global warming
(4)We will reduce waste in order to ensure the effective use of resources