CSR environment

CSR environment

1. Basic Philosophy

The Company management philosophy and high corporate ethics, the Company recognizes the importance of ensuring legal compliance and appropriateness in decision-making and execution and strives for the sustainable development of its business.

[Diagram of corporate governance to ensure legality and appropriateness in decision-making and execution]

Diagram of corporate governance to ensure legality and appropriateness in decision-making and execution

Based on this policy, we will make management decisions and quickly flexibly, expand our business and strengthen our competitiveness, and increase the corporate value of the entire Group over the long term based on our Sustainability Policy (* 1), to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

* 1 Sustainability Policy

Aiming to Increase Sustainable Corporate Value through Implementation of the Company’s Management Philosophy

1. Solving social issues through business based on our mid and long-term vision.
2. Aim to be a true global corporation and realize fair and highly transparent management.
3. Build strong relationships of trust based on dialogue with all stakeholders. -

Today, companies must not only comply with laws and regulations, but also fulfill their social responsibilities by acting with good sense based on ethics.
Our mission is to contribute to the development of society by developing and providing environmentally friendly and safe products, technologies, and services, and by striving to realize a better global environment, and to earn the trust of society by engaging in fair and honest corporate activities.

2. Onamba Group’s CSR Activities

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the Onamba Group is committed to : ① Contribute to society through the Corporate Code of Conduct.
②SDGs initiatives through business activities. ③ Protect the global environment and preventing pollution through our environmental policy.

① Onamba Group’s Corporate Code of Conduct

    1. 1. Quality and safety manufacturing
    2. 2. Compliance with laws and regulations
    3. 3. Respect for human rights and respect for
        individual personality and individuality
    4. 4. Fair Trade
    5. 5. Relations with Politics, Administration and
        Local Communities
    1. 6. Timely and appropriate disclosure and
        management of corporate information
    2. 7. Environmental Conservation
    3. 8. Response to anti-social forces
    4. 9. Response to the international community
    5. 10. Prevention of harassment

② SDGs initiatives through business activities.

Contribute to the realization of a sustainable social environment with technical capabilities cultivated in the areas of our expertise

SDGs: 17 goals for universal sustainable development adopted by the United Nations in 2015

Item No. Activities
  • Creating clean energy as a leading company in the Renewable energy industries by focusing in development of photovoltaic power generation wiring systems and monitoring systems.
  • Certified as a business operator of “New Energy Safety Regulations Enhancement Project in 2017″.
  • Development of a maintenance warning system (MATAS / MAintenance Time Assistance Systems) that predicts a reduction in the amount of electricity generated by Photovoltaic power generators to minimize the loss of generating power.
  • Certified as the Operating company for Next-generation’s two-way communication output control emergency system on practical application of Photovoltaic power generation output control system conducted at Kyushu electric power company.
  • We aim to provide “Over all solutions” that realize “comfortable clean space” by “energy saving and self- consumption” and to build communities that are resistant to disasters and sustainable community.
  • Tefnut ® an automatic Misting & Humidification System automatically provides comfortably humidified space with ” IoT-Finder ®”monitoring functions.
  • We aim to establish highly advanced community by expand IoT technology based on 5G technology.
  • E&E (Energy & Ecology) products help reduce CO2 emissions through energy conservation.
  • Our Photovoltaic power generation related products contribute to “Concrete Measures against Climate Change” by reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Respect human rights, individuality and individual character and prevention of harassment, response to anti-social forces, and proceeds activities based on the Corporate Code of Conduct

③ Work to protect the global environment and prevent pollution by implementing environmental policies

Outline of environmental policy

1. Protecting the global environment and preventing pollution
2. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
3. Setting and achievement of environmental objectives

Note : Please refer to “Environmental Policy” for details.