Greeting from president

We strive to be a company full of dreams
       that contributes to the advancement of society.

Onamba Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive wire manufacturer which distributes electric wires, wire harnesses, and photovoltaic-interconnecting units (PVU®) with our original technical know-how of extrusion molding and wire processing technology.

Through our initiative in overseas wire harness operations, we have now grown into an international company with affiliates in 7 countries. We constantly strive to improve our customer support service to meet the needs of our clients, and as a result, are now recognized domestically as one of the largest companies in the field of wire harnesses and PVU®.
However, the manufacturing business has been rapidly changing by the growth of developing countries and accelerated switchover of production from Japan to overseas.
To keep up with our competitors, we aim to expand our global presence by further advancing our current technologies and creating new business opportunities in the areas of new energy resources, life sciences, and environmental management systems. With a strong spirit of challenge and innovation, Onamba Co., Ltd. seeks to become a trusted company for customers by providing valuable products/services, and a large societal contributor. We look forward to receiving your continued support as we meet the goals of the future together.